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Do you want to educate yourself in best practices in employment background screening? EmployeeScreenIQ University is the place where you can find every resource we have—from videos to white papers to case studies, it’s all right here. Check back frequently as we often update these resources.

Expert Articles

Want to learn about a particular topic in background screening? We have the resources for you! Our expert articles cover a wide range of topics including what to do when your candidate has a criminal record, how a comprehensive criminal background check is completed, and best practices for a resume verification.

Case Studies

EmployeeScreenIQ serves an impressive roster of over 3,000 clients worldwide encompassing all industry segments. Our clients range from Fortune 100 organizations that screen several thousand people per month, to small businesses with occasional screening needs. Download any of our case studies to learn more about the difference EmployeeScreenIQ has made for the organizations we serve.


Over the last couple of years, we’ve been producing video content on the latest in the background screening industry from information on criminal background checks to compliance to social media background checks. Our videos cover the top trends and issues for companies that want to stay up-to-date.


Our webinars are more of a time investment than our other resources, but if you have an hour or so to listen in, you’ll find some of the most exciting conversations in our industry. Along with EmployeeScreenIQ’s experts, we invite guest panelists to join the conversation in different areas of employment background checks. Download some of our latest webinar events.

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Keep up with the latest happenings at EmployeeScreenIQ.

Court Delays

Learn about court holidays, closures due to weather events and other delays.

Compliance Resources

Compliance is essential, but it shouldn’t be your full-time job. Our resource center is a gateway to the important laws and guidelines that impact your background screening program. Find resources crucial for protecting your business.

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Want to catch up with EmployeeScreenIQ at an upcoming trade show or attend one of our speaking engagements?


Our IQ Blog is a combination of the background screening facts you need, opinions you want, and best practices you should be using in your screening program.

By The Way

Our monthly compliance newsletter, By The Way (BTW for short), provides employers and organizations with the information they need to protect their companies when it comes to employment background checks. See our archive for past issues and sign up to receive the monthly issue.