Small Business Solutions

EmployeeScreenIQ recognizes that organizations of all sizes can benefit from an effective pre-employment screening program.

We have created the following screening package for organizations with less frequent hiring needs (minimum of 30 checks per year):

Emerging Business Package


  • Social Security Number Trace
  • County-Level Criminal History
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
Additional Options

Priced Below

  • Motor Vehicle Record -- $4.95
  • Employment Verification -- $10.00
  • Education Verification -- $10.00
  • Professional License Verification -- $10.00

Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EmployeeScreenIQ require a site inspection?

Since July 2003, the credit bureaus have mandated that all CRAs must physically inspect all client locations that will utilize Consumer Reports. For multi-site organizations that screen employees on a decentralized basis, or local levels, this means each facility that receives, maintains, or houses consumer reports must be inspected. CRAs originally had the discretion to decide whether to conduct this inspection on their own, or hire a third party service to conduct it. In October 2005, the credit bureaus removed this discretion; now all CRAs must use one of a select few organizations, approved by the credit bureaus, to conduct these physical site inspections.

What does the site inspection consist of?

The inspection itself is a straightforward process. It simply represents validation that the organization setting up the account is a legitimate business entity with a permissible use for Consumer Report information, and that it is reasonably apparent that the information will be used for employment decisions. At the present time, there is no existing technology that could be used to automate this process. The mere existence of a business might be reasonably established by researching the internet. However, that does nothing to stem one of the most notorious causes of identity theft: criminals attempting to set up an account with a CRA by fraudulently claiming to represent a legitimate business when they in fact have no connection to that business. The inspection serves to validate the existence and physical location of the business, that the individual(s) setting up the account intends to obtain Consumer Reports for employment purposes, and that reasonable security is present at the facility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of consumer information.

Information contained in Consumer Reports is personal in nature and could be used for many purposes that are not permissible or legal under the FCRA. Examples include loan decisions by predatory lenders who have been barred access to credit information or identity theft by criminals who are able to gain access to consumer information. The intent, obviously, is to provide an additional measure of security and protection to consumers such that their personally identifying information will not be used for illegitimate purposes.

Do you charge for account set-up?

The cost for account set-up including the site inspection is $195.