Referencing & Credentialing

Unfortunately, not all of your candidates tell the truth. Too often, employers overlook the importance of thoroughly verifying resume information—and they’re paying a heavy price. Don’t make the same mistake. Our expert verification process will protect your organization, your customers and your reputation in the marketplace.

Believe it or not, EmployeeScreenIQ finds a 52% discrepancy rate between the information a candidate provides on their resume compared to verified information from past employers and academic institutions.

Utilizing this service allows you to set apart the truth from lies that might relate to your candidates’ qualifications, experience, and skills.

Listed below are the most common discrepancies EmployeeScreenIQ finds:

  • 35% of discrepancies are related to employment dates.
  • 29% are related to salary.
  • 24% are related to job title.
  • 12% are related to education and degrees earned.