Individualized Assessment Process

In 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued guidance which encourages employers to conduct an individualized assessment on candidates whose criminal records may exclude them from employment. The assessment allows the candidate to offer mitigating circumstances as to why their disqualifying criminal history should be reconsidered.  As a service to our clients, EmployeeScreenIQ will develop a process for individualized assessment and execute it when needed.

Individualized assessment can either flow from an adjudicated result or can be ordered by a client. When an order is placed, EmployeeScreenIQ sends the applicant a Notice of Individualized Assessment with instructions, giving the applicant an opportunity to explain the circumstances or additional information contained in the report.

EmployeeScreenIQ ensures that all of the required information is sent to the applicant, all required notices are attached, and that there is a documented audit trail of the procedure.

Benefits of Setting up Individualized Assessment Process with EmployeeScreenIQ:

  • Implementation Process: Our staff of trained professionals work with you to establish a reliable and consistent process that works within your hiring policies and background screening process.
  • Form Management: Our compliance department provides sample individualized assessment forms, and ensures that all notifications are consistent with EEOC Guidance.
  • Time Savings: Our trained staff sends notices promptly upon receipt of an order. Letting us perform the administrative task of individualized assessment notifications allows the hiring process to move more quickly, and frees up your staff to focus on the hiring decision.
  • Audit trail: Our systems document the issuance of individualized assessment notices to relieve you of the administrative task of tracking and documenting the action in the event of an EEOC investigation.