Identity & Credit

The cornerstone of any effective background screening program should include confirmation of your candidate’s identity and their right to work status in the United States, establish residential history and names used, and insight into their personal responsibility.

You might think verifying your candidate’s identity and checking their credit only plays a minor role in the big picture of an employment background check. However, this is really the point where it all begins.

And where does it begin exactly? With a social trace, of course. Your candidate’s identity is confirmed by conducting a social trace and verifying that the information provided matches your applicant. Sounds simple enough, but problems can quickly arise if something is amiss with your candidate. A couple instances could be:

  • They intentionally provide an incorrect social security number, potentially throwing an employer or background screening provider off from finding a criminal record.
  • They’re an illegal resident of the United States, and therefore don’t actually have a social security number, so they provide a false one in order to pass as a citizen and hopefully, get the job.

All of this to say, not only is this dishonest behavior telling of a candidate you probably don’t want to hire, but they are also infringing upon the privacy of others by taking their information.