Dispute Process

In all cases of disputed records, EmployeeScreenIQ strictly adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Section 611: Procedure in case of disputed accuracy. Applicants are encouraged to contact EmployeeScreenIQ directly and request a copy of their report free of charge. EmployeeScreenIQ will investigate disputed items and confirm or correct any disputed item within 30 days, with most disputes resolved within one week. Additionally, EmployeeScreenIQ is in full compliance as a credit check reseller and is equipped to handle all credit disputes under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act.

Because there can be instances where a court or an employer will relay inaccurate information, we move quickly on all questions and disputes. On these very rare instances, direct contact with the applicant can help resolve any outstanding questions.

We know how important the candidate experience is to our clients’ brand and take seriously the role we play. From calling candidates for additional information when needed to complete a background check, to handling disputes as part of the adverse action process; we act as an ambassador for our clients and treat candidates with respect and courtesy.

EmployeeScreenIQ’s dispute resolution processes allows for a smooth reinvestigation to take place in a timely manner. Clients are notified at the start and end of a dispute either over the phone, via e-mail or both. At the conclusion of the dispute, an explanation is provided if there are any changes to the report and the client receives an amended copy of the report.