Contractor Solutions

You screen your own employees, but do you also have contractors working at your premises or on your behalf? When it comes to reducing risk in the workplace, don’t let these contracted employees slip between the cracks.

EmployeeScreenIQ gives your third-party contractors the employment background screening information they need to make more informed decisions on who has access to your physical premises, employees, customers, or sensitive data. You benefit by knowing that your contractors are screened by your trusted background screening company, using your approved screening criteria.

Background check reports that make it easier to identify risks from organizations you conduct business with or contractors you allow on-site.
Business intelligence tools to evaluate potential contractor organizations.
Contractor education on your employment background screening program requirements to ensure uniformity.
Volume discounts which allow contractors to take advantage of your pre-negotiated rates.
Consistency to ensure that those who are hired by your contractors are suitable to work on your behalf.