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Substance Abuse Screening

EmployeeScreenIQ is proud to partner with several well-known laboratories for all Substance Abuse Screening and Occupational Health Services including Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and eScreen. Our fully integrated solution is highly automated for fast, affordable, compliant and efficient workplace substance abuse screening management.

Alongside our partners, we offer a comprehensive library of products and technology which automates and accelerates the hiring process for the employer, the donor and the clinic. This technology includes the utilization of each lab’s electronic, web-based preferred network, for businesses seeking faster drug test results via paperless transactions.

This paperless approach allows us to automate every step of the process: collection, medical review, result reporting and data management.

Our clients can choose from a variety of collection locations:

  • More than 2,200 eScreen sites
  • Over 1,500 in-network LabCorp sites
  • Over 1,000 Quest Patient Service Centers
  • An additional 2,000+ clinics performing lab-based specimen collections

Our network enables employers with nationwide programs to:

  • Schedule events from our Paperless Electronic Chain of Custody Solution
  • Receive results via email and through electronic web reporting
  • View and select collection site locations online
  • Test for various reasons including Pre-Employment, Random and Post-Accident situations
  • Consolidate the testing program: DOT and Non-DOT lab-based testing available at ALL collection network sites
    *Out-of-network Patient Service Centers located throughout the country as well

Establishing quality standards

  • All positive results are reviewed by a Board Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • All DOT samples are handled in compliance with DOT regulations and guidelines
  • Documented chain of custody forms are provided for all samples
  • Each specimen is reviewed for signs of tampering and adulteration

Detection periods for most commonly tested substances

Substances Urine Hair Saliva
Amphetamines 1-4 days up to 90 days 3 days
Cocaine 4-5 days up to 90 days 1 day
Cannibis (habitual use) 90 days up to 90 days 14 hrs
Cannibis (single use) 2-3 days up to 90 days 14 hrs
Opiates 2-4 days up to 90 days 7-21 hrs
PCP 3-7 days up to 90 days 3 days


EmployeeScreenIQ offers Clinical Services for both clients and for job applicants who are required by their employer to have a physical exam. With our extensive network of providers, we can coordinate all contact and logistics on your behalf, from initial contact and scheduling, to follow up with clinics to ensure a timely completion of reports. EmployeeScreenIQ will work with you to customize a streamlined and consistent program based on your unique needs.

Solutions by Industry

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NAPBSEmployeescreenIQ is a founding member of the NAPBS and has earned distinction of an NAPBS Accredited organization based on our proven record and demonstration of excellence, quality and service.

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Quick Takes Video


An original series that reveals an insider's perspective of the latest issues in the background screening industry.

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