EmployeeScreenIQ finds some type of criminal record on 28% of all candidates we screen -- more than double what is publicly reported by our competitors.

National Criminal Record Check

Our National Criminal Database Search is an aggregate database comprised of millions of records from various sources in the United States. These records are obtained by commercial vendors from several different sources including: County Court Houses, Administrative Offices of the Courts, State Departments of Incarcerations, State Record Repositories, Probation Departments, and Townships. The National Criminal Database Search also includes a Sex Offender Registry for all 50 states at no additional cost.

While EmployeeScreenIQ does not recommend the National Criminal Database Search as the primary or sole resource for conducting criminal background checks, we believe it is a valuable complement to a thorough criminal records search. On average, National searches increase our clients’ criminal record percentage by 19%.

Thorough Review of Derogatory Information - Our Public Records Department reviews each criminal record before it is reported to the client. All Felony and Misdemeanor records are subject to our strict quality control process. We have developed a rigorous auditing process which reinforces our commitment to accuracy and depth.

For more information about National Criminal Database Checks, check out Background Screening Paradigm Shift: Time to Embrace National Criminal Database Search?

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