5/12/2015 Institute for Human Resources Legal and Compliance Virtual Conference (Speaking Engagement)



EmployeeScreenIQ vice president of compliance, Angela Preston will be presenting, Ban the Box: What Employers Need to Know, at the Institute for Human Resources Legal and Compliance virtual conference on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 2:30pm EST.

If you are not familiar with the ban-the-box trend, or if you want to learn more about it, this webinar is for you. Ban the box—the push to remove the criminal checkbox from employment applications—is having an impact on hiring all over the country. New ban the box laws, while well intentioned, have created a dizzying compliance challenge for employers. And the challenge is only growing, as more cities, counties and states introduce some type of legislation.

As the trend continues to sweep the country, rather than enacting uniform and consistent ban-the-box laws, each city, county and state seems to be going its own way. At a time when it’s more critical than ever for employers to make sure that they’re hiring safe and qualified people, cities, states, and counties are jumping on the bandwagon, limiting when, how, and whether an employer can look at or even consider a potential employee’s criminal past. The trend was initially targeted at public employers, but has rapidly spread to the private sector as well.

Supporters of ban the box would like to see more employment opportunities for people with a criminal history. By banning the box, supporters believe that more ex-offenders will make it past the application stage and will have a better chance of landing a job. The EEOC has been an active supporter of the movement, recommending that employers in the private sector ban-the-box.

This webinar will provide a broad understanding of ban the box law, as well as specific tactics to help you comply with the laws at both the state and city levels. – See more HR.com