10/24/2012 EmployeeScreenIQ Webinar: Time to Get Your HR Nerd On?


If you’re using a talent management platform to identify, attract and manage your hiring process and then calling on a pre-employment background screening provider to help determine hiring eligibility, you’re probably doing okay. But what if you could take your hiring process from good to great through a streamlined integration of the two platforms? No longer just a vehicle for transferring data, today’s integration technology ensures the candidate experience – and your compliance – are front and center. While the concept of integrating a background screening program with HR technology has been around for quite some time, just getting data from one place to another is only the first step.  Now employers have to think about how their candidates interact with that technology and how it can be used to facilitate compliance with the ever-changing legal landscape.

HR professionals are invited to attend a free webcast from EmployeeScreenIQ, the leading global provider of background screening services, and discover how a seamless and strategic platform integration that maximizes the efficiencies of both technologies  can serve up real, measurable benefits while still keeping your stakeholders’ interests front and center. Scheduled for October 24 and titled, “Get Your HR Nerd On: Background Checks Through Platform Integration,” this anything-but-dry panel discussion will feature the collective wisdom of some of the industry’s most forward thinkers.

Veteran recruiting executive Susan Strayer (founder of Exaqueo) , who has worked with some of the world’s foremost brands including Marriott International and The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, will demonstrate how an integration done right can make HR the hero by saving a company valuable time, energy and resources. James Thomas, Vice President of Marketing at Talent Technology Corporation, and Nick Fishman, Chief Marketing Officer at EmployeeScreenIQ, will offer tips and best practices for integrating successfully while preserving the all-important candidate experience.

Webinar attendees will discover:

  • How to maintain compliance with background screening laws inside of an integration.
  • How to elevate the candidate experience so screening isn’t such a scary or cumbersome process.
  • How to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met.

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