10/7/2009 RecruiterEarth Webinar


RecruiterEarth Online Webinar
[RecruiterEarth Online Webinar
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Social Networking Sites: Can You Always Trust What You See?

Presented by Jason B. Morris, President and C.O.O. at EmployeeScreenIQ

October 7, 2009 at 2:00PM-3:00PM EST


The social network revolution has changed many communication channels, but should it affect the way job applicants are screened? Sites such as Facebook, My Space and LinkedIn contain a wealth of personal information, but should you trust the information found on these sites? Does this practice pose a threat to possibly violating FCRA and EEOC guidelines and other best practices? Join EmployeeScreenIQ president and C.O.O., Jason B. Morris for this insightful presentation.

This session will help you understand the possible negative ramifications of using information from social networking sites in your employment screening processes.

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