4/20/2011 HR.com's Quality of Hire Conference (Speaking Engagement)


EmployeeScreenIQ’s Jason B. Morris will be hosting a virtual speaking engagement at HR.com’s Quality of Hire Conference on April 20, 2011 at 12:30 pm est.

Recruiting and Hiring Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization from the Harmful Effects of Web 2.0

Technology has dramatically changed the way we compete for talent and screen prospective employees, but nothing approaches the impact of social networking.  With the widespread use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites comes a new wave of legal liabilities for both recruiters and screeners. Other emerging technology threats include online diploma fraud, employment mills that manufacture work experience, screen scraping, and more.  Employers need to develop best practices and policies in order to successfully manage Web 2.0 technologies.

Join EmployeeScreenIQ’s President and Chief Operating Officer,  Jason B. Morris for an informative session about how to protect your company in the age of Facebook.  You’ll learn which social networking sites are most popular with recruiters and applicants, and their impact on employment screening and the hiring process.  Attendees will also learn how to develop a social media policy and spot the warning signs of diploma and employment mills.  Finally, you’ll examine other Web 2.0 trends such as screen scraping and instant screening.

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  • Mark Clark (Steve McMahon – account holder)

    My name is Mark Clark. Our account holder is Steve McMahon. I am with AutoClaims Direct, Inc. and we are new clients. Steve and I are resonsible for coordinating the backgrounds and internal affairs investigations.

    My question is about the “speaking engagement” on 4/20/2011. We are going to be at a fraud investigator’s conference starting on Wednesday. The conference is 3 days and I can not attend that and watch your presentation. Knowing how important this subject matter is, can the presentation be recorded or will there be a way to obtain a recording?
    Thank you.

    Mark Clark
    (831) 214-3489