10/13/2010 ASA Staffing World Conference (Speaking Engagement)


EmployeeScreenIQ’s Jason B. Morris will be leading a workshop at the ASA Staffing World Conference on October 12, 2010 at 4:15 pst held at the Venetian Hotel & Casino is Las Vegas, NV.

Social Networking– Industry Best Practices and Policies

Technology has dramatically changed the way that staffing companies compete for business and screen prospective employees, but nothing approaches the impact of social networking.  With the widespread use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites comes a new wave of legal liabilities for both staffing firms and recruiters.

This workshop will discuss the pros and cons and the risks and legal liabilities of using social networking as part of your business processes.  Participants will also learn about other emerging technology threats including online diploma fraud, employment mills that manufacture work experience and screen scraping. Employers need to develop best practices and policies in order to successfully manage Web 2.0 technologies, and this session will get you started with this important process.

Join industry attorneys Joel Klarreich and Andrew Singer, and Jason Morris of  EmployeeScreenIQ for an informative session about how to protect your company in the age of Facebook and LinkedIn.  You’ll learn which social networking sites are most popular with recruiters and applicants, and their impact on employment screening and the hiring process.  Participants will receive a template social networking policy developed specifically for ASA and the industry, and understand how to personalize it for your own firm as well as monitor usage for ongoing protection.  Attendees will also learn how to spot the warning signs of diploma and employment mills during the screening process and also .  Finally, you’ll examine other Web 2.0 trends such as screen scraping and instant screening.