14th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute (Speaking Engagement)



EmployeeScreenIQ vice president of compliance, Angela Preston will present, “Brace Yourself! Get Ready for the New Legal Landmines in Background Check Compliance” at the The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) 14th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute at Aria in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 5, 2015, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Not a month went by in 2014 without a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against an employer for its background screening practices. Many companies may be putting themselves at risk if they are not following appropriate state and federal screening laws. While a criminal record should not automatically disqualify a candidate, employers must also protect their companies by properly screening candidates.

  • Attendees will learn about the recent wave of class action cases alleging FCRA violations in the background screening process. The session will cover the specific sections of the FCRA where employers are at risk, and learn tips and best practices.
  • Participants will learn how to update their policies and procedures to be in compliance with the 2012 EEOC Guidance and avoid being the next enforcement target. The session will cover recent litigation and offer practical solutions and templates.
  • This session will identify cities and states with ban the box laws and jurisdictions with new restrictions on criminal background checks. Learn how to update your applications, policies and procedures to comply with ban the box and other state laws.

For more information, please visit the 14th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute’s website.