Georgia Employers: Be Careful Who You Hire!


The Governor of Georgia signed legislation today that will allow employees to keep firearms in their vehicles while parked on company property. Effective July 1, 2008, employers will not be able to restrict their employees from retaining firearms in their vehicles and will have no authority to search vehicles if firearms are suspected in an employee’s automobile. Of course, with any piece of legislation, there are exceptions to the rule. But from what I’ve read, it seems that most Georgia employers’ hands are tied. Granted, the legislation “generally protects employers from liability in criminal or civil action resulting from an occurrence involving the transportation, storage, possession, or use of a firearm covered by the law.” I don’t trust generalities – do you?

So, I take this opportunity to reach out to Georgia employers directly: Make sure you know who it is you are hiring. Conduct a thorough background check to make sure there is no history of violence in your employee’s past. The safety and security of those who work in and visit your offices (and even those passing by) is at risk.

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  • Andrew

    This issue is a balancing act. A vehicle can be interpreted as a private dwelling and how can you regulate a person’s rights when storage of a firearm is not against the law? But the parking lot is private property… I wonder if an enclosed parking facility would change things?

    With that being said I don’t think that legislation deeming it appropriate to store firearms in vehicles on company property will cause any workplace in GA to become any less safe. If a violent person wants to shoot fellow employees they are not going to care if you are allowed to store a firearm in a vehicle or not, they’re bad, they’ll do it anyway! Background checks in any state should be considered for the sole reason to weed out the bad apples in the first place.