Financial Benefits of Owning a Dog (Yes, Background Check Related)


It’s Tuesday afternoon and for most of us, we have 3 1/2 days of work left this week before we get that long weekend we have been looking forward to since the 4th of July.  That being the case, I thought it was time for a little background check humor.  I found this article on while researching another blog topic and its wittiness made me smile.  Here are the highlights:

Financial Benefits of Owning a Dog

“After years of struggling to justify the cost of dog ownership, I have compiled a list of chores for my dogs to do that save me money and time. Training was simple, since most duties are derived from their natural instincts. I find myself with more time, more money and less stress. Most dogs would love to be productive members of society, if only humans would let them do their thing.

Identity Protection

There is no need to buy a paper shredder or sign up for expensive identity protection services. I simply give all my financial papers to my dogs and they are unreadable in no time. The dogs also do a wonderful shredding job on old magazines, towels, and even blankets (when playing tug of war) which cuts down on overall trash while making all of it so indistinguishable that not even an identity thief would want to try and decipher it.

Stranger Screening

I no longer need to pay for background checks on my mail-person, delivery drivers or my neighbors. My dogs will give every visitor a thorough sniffing before allowing entrance to my yard. They also come with a convenient built-in alarm system if the stranger does not pass inspection.”

If things were only that easy in the world of employment screening

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