Citizenship Fraud Alert: Document Mills


First came diploma mills – organizations ready and willing to issue and verify a fraudulent college, graduate or doctorate degrees for an applicant.  Then came employment mills who, for a small fee, will make applicants “employees” of one of their partner companies in order to fabricate work experience.  Now, we have document mills – underground organizations selling false citizenship documents to illegal aliens to aid them in obtaining employment in this country.

I don’t even want to contemplate what’s next.

Illegals Using Fake Documents to Obtain Jobs

WBZ – May 21, 2009

For immigrants living in this country illegally, often the only way to get a job or a driver’s license is with phony documents.

It’s an underground business thriving in several communities around Boston. Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve says federal agents are working undercover to shut down these shady operations.

The video is blurred and grainy but the man in the driver’s seat is an undercover federal agent posing as an illegal immigrant. The video shot by federal investigators in Lynn shows the agent buying phony documents needed to work or to get a driver’s license.

Bruce Foucart is the top federal agent in Boston charged with tracking down criminals who are making big bucks selling bogus documents to people who are in this country illegally.

Foucart says “it is very big problem.”

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency’s Boston office is a busy place these days. Foucart says it matter of national security. “The people who are making and selling these documents do not run background checks. So they do not know if they have terrorist or a murderer from another country.”