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Greg Rokos


The job market is hot right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.5 million new jobs were added to the market last month alone. Yet in the struggle to recruit top talent, one remains: how do you best tell your story? Both employers and candidates struggle with this challenge. How do employers communicate their company’s employer brand? And how do candidates best communicate their personal story? The answer is surprisingly the same for both: video interviews.

Video Interviews Allow Recruiters and Candidates to Tell their Stories Better
The human resources industry has been at the forefront of a revolution. HR and Talent Acquisition have become leaders of change for an organization. This includes adopting new technologies and new approaches towards hiring candidates. More organizations are concerned with the candidate experience than ever before. And more organizations have been using technology such as video interviews to enhance this candidate experience.

Find out how video interviews can help both recruiters and candidates to tell their story better:

1. Video Interviews Offer a Visual Story.
It’s no secret that people respond better to visuals. Would you rather read a 20 page book on how to use something or would you prefer to watch a 2 minute video tutorial? Sites like Youtube have exploded in popularity because people are so drawn to this visual medium. Video interviews offer the same visual experience. Gone are the days when recruiters solely relied on methods like a phone screen. Phone screening can miss the important visual cues that indicate whether a candidate is passionate about what they’re saying or not.

2. Employers Enhance their Candidate Experience with Video Interviews. The candidate experience has become an important piece of your employer brand. Candidates aren’t drawn to businesses that don’t present the details of their story anymore. Increasingly, they want to know what values the company embraces, the faces behind the company, and any available information they can get. Video interviews offer a wonderful way for employers to immerse candidates in their employer brand. Picture a candidate logging on and being welcomed by a member of your team on video.

Candidates can view videos to learn more about company culture, team members, and more. Video interviews offer businesses the ability to draw a candidate in and get them excited about the experience. And who doesn’t love the cool high tech experience? Our research has shown that 60% of candidates who take video interviews prefer the experience to all other kinds of interviews. That’s a huge population of candidates who were drawn into the immersive environment and got excited about the job.

This leaves candidates with a wonderful feeling when they walk away from their interview. GreenJobInterview’s best in class support team further enhances the experience because they act as an extension of the business’ recruiting team. Smiling knowledgeable customer success managers perform tech checks to ensure a candidate is familiar with the technology and that their system can support the platform.

This also feeds nicely into the candidate experience with background checks. Following up a positive video interviewing experience with an intuitive screening process means an employee is coming into your organization on solid ground.

3. Video Interviews Allow Recruiters and Candidates Freedom. Video interviews are mobile. They can be accessed via smart devices anywhere in the world with internet access. So if your recruiting team is traveling to an exciting show in Las Vegas, or sitting down to a meeting in Prague, they’re able to conduct their video interviews. This is a compelling piece of the company’s story. Imagine being able to show off not only the business’ technical advancement, but how far their work can take them.

Candidates also love the ability to join video interviews from home, the baseball field, or anywhere with an internet connection. This helps showcase the candidate better and helps a recruiter to get to know them in a more intimate manner. Suddenly, your recruiting team has a strong visual of a candidate who loves volunteering so much they’ve planted a community garden. Video interviews connect the dots and bring people closer while allowing them immense freedom.

Everybody’s got a story. If you’re looking for an exciting way to tell your story better, try video interviews. This easy to use technology can enhance the candidate experience, attract more qualified individuals and connect interviewers and candidates in a more meaningful way. What story are you going to share?

Greg Rokos

Greg Rokos

A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg and his brother Theo founded GreenJobInterview as an extension of Talent Acquisition teams.GreenJobInterview is the easiest to use video interview software supported by best in class customer support.A company founded by recruiters for recruiters, GreenJobInterview has been a pioneer in the video interviewing industry.
Greg Rokos

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