What a Flat Tire Can Teach Us About Recruitment

Joel Cheesman

My car tire took a stake to the heart this weekend. A piece of metal was stuck in the tread and it was losing air quickly. A repair was needed. So, like many, I picked up my iPhone and searched for tire repair providers in my neighborhood.

At the top of the search results was an ad from Discount Tire:

Free Flat Tire Repair
Have a Flat Tire In Need Of Repair? Visit One Of Our Locations Today.

Perfect. I clicked on it. The resulting page, usually called a landing page, outlined their Free Flat Tire Repair service.

We will repair your flat tire(s), free of charge, regardless of where it was originally purchased. If your tire(s) cannot be repaired we will review your options with you.

From there, I could click a button to find a store nearby. Then, using my phone’s location feature, I was given a page with a map (the store was near) and a phone number link to call that nearest store immediately, which I did.

Three hours later, I had a street-ready tire again. No charge.

So, what does this have to do with recruiting?

Candidates are doing this exact same thing, all over the world, every single day. If you’re a local retailer, for example, in need of talent, take Discount Tire’s strategy to sell tires, and consider looking at ways to leverage the growing numbers of smartphones to your advantage in recruiting.

When someone searches “part time jobs in Houston,” for instance, serve them an ad that says you’re looking to fill those types of positions in that area. Talk about the benefits and what makes you unique. Make your promotion clickable.

Once a job seeker clicks on your advertisement, take them to a landing page giving greater details about the company and an immediate way that that they can see where a particular store is near them, as well as a quick, mobile-friendly way to apply or get more information.

A majority of hiring still happens locally. A mobile device’s ability to geolocate a user and connect them with a nearby business is almost magical. If you’re not using it to recruit, you should. Smartphones are ubiquitous and the number of mobile searches for, yes, jobs, continues to grow.

Don’t miss out. Go shop a few search engines that offer advertising options and get started today. If you won’t, there’s a good chance your competition will.

Joel Cheesman

Joel Cheesman

Director of Strategic Alliances at EmployeeScreenIQ
Joel has over 15 years of experience in the employment industry. He began his career with local and global online job sites such as JobOptions, CareerBoard and Jobing.com, which acquired his online marketing business in 2009. Joel published an award-winning industry blog from 2005-09. He has been featured in well-recognized magazines like Fast Company, US News and World Report and BusinessWeek. He continues to speak at industry events, covering topics from search marketing, social media outreach strategies, and mobile recruitment.
Joel Cheesman