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    Employment Background Screening Award

    We’re extremely proud to announce that EmployeeScreenIQ was named by HRO Today to their 2012 Baker’s Dozen Employment Screening Customer Satisfaction Ratings list for the second year in a row.

    All of the ratings are based on customer survey data compiled independently by HRO Today. Once they were able to identify the top background screening companies they surveyed their customers; asking about services provided, scope and scale of services, and the quality and satisfaction with the services.

    This is a huge honor for us because the biggest determining factor was what our clients had to say about us.  We hear a lot about service not being an important factor in how human resource professionals and talent management executives select pre-employment screening providers.  And it would be okay by me if all of our competitors continue following that “so-called” mantra.

    Thank you to all of our clients who participated.  We are only able to achieve this type of recognition because of you.  We’ll continue to earn your trust one background check at a time.

    Click here to review the complete ratings.

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      2 Responses to “EmployeeScreenIQ Recognized As Top Employment Screening Provider”

      1. Vineeta Rawat says:

        congratulations to EmployeeScreenIQ Team !!!!

      2. Lauren Conners says:

        Thank you Vineeta!

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