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    Don’t know Ricky McCalenton?  That’s okay, neither do we.  Ricky is just an average guy in Cleveland, Ohio that recognizes the effectiveness of “Ban the Box” legislation.  He summed it all up in just one simple quote to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on a story they had written about the city’s recent legislation to remove the question which asks the job applicant to reveal any past criminal records.

    “The intentions are real good, them saying, ‘I’m not going to look at your criminal background right now,” said Cleveland resident Ricky McCalenton. “But once I get you into the job site, and I do a background check, I’m going to have to fire you.’ So to me, honestly, I think they should have left it on there.”

    The only thing I would quibble on is that any criminal record would be grounds for termination, but he gets it.

    As far as “Ban the Box” legislation is concerned, it is certainly a concept that is picking up speed and one that we highlighted on our 2011 Background Screening Trends list earlier this year.

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      2 Responses to “Thank You Ricky McCalenton: Cleveland Adopts Ban the Box”

      1. Name Mick says:

        With so many of our city (Cleveland) and county (Cuyahoga) elected officials going to prison lately, I could see some of them in total agreement !! I understand and most times agree with the second chance concept, but the health care industry needs this to weed out those not allowed by law to work in that field . Just my two cents,,,

      2. Mick says:

        And call it the “Nate Gray-Jimmy Dimora-Frank Russo-Jeff Johnson-Sabra Pierce Scott (their name here) Act ?? I just had to do it,,,,,,

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