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    Background screening in the airline buiness is a serious matter.  The FAA mandates various levels of screening and very industry specific searches.  Generally, these mandated searches are not for airline office employees.  A proper background check would have shown this employee to have a previous record from 1996 for theft by swindle.

    Sun Country Worker Who Took $200,000 Pleads Guilty

    A Sun Country Airlines employee who siphoned more than $200,000 from the company for gambling and other purposes pleaded guilty Tuesday in Dakota County District Court.

    The plea by Kelly Jean Dillon-Love could mean revocation of probation for a felony traffic conviction four years ago in Iowa, which could put her behind bars, an Iowa corrections official said.

    Dillon-Love, 45, of Minneapolis and Grady Jackson Jr., 35, who lists a Minneapolis address, were charged earlier this year. Dillon-Love described Jackson as an on-and-off-again boyfriend, authorities said.

    Dillon-Love admitted to five felony counts of theft by swindle. The case against Jackson is pending.

    County Attorney James Backstrom said Dillon-Love was convicted in 1996 of stealing from her Minneapolis employer.

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