Stories of the Absurd: They had the right to remain silent…but didn’t.


Riddle:  What do you get when you combine four men, traffic violations, synthetic urine kits and an admission that the fake urine is to be used to try and beat employment drug tests?

Answer:  Arrested.

Fake pee lands four in jail in Friendswood

By Chris Paschenko, The Daily News – May 3, 2009

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas — Kits containing synthetic urine, which are sold legally at smoke shops across the state, led to the April arrests of four men accused of using the kits to beat employment drug screens, authorities said.
Friendswood police stopped three of the four men on traffic violations and searched their cars. The fourth was allegedly loitering before police searched his car. Officers asked the men why they had synthetic urine kits.

One similar kit purchased for $30 by The Daily News contains a 2-ounce bottle of yellow, odorless liquid with a strip thermometer attached, a hand warmer, rubber band and directions on how to give a “sample.”

Had the men admitted the fake urine was for medicinal purposes or intended as some kind of joke or twisted fetish, they might have been spared the indignity of handcuffs, a jail cell and scrounging up $1,000 bail.

But these four men, police allege, willingly offered the one explanation that violates the Texas health and safety code, constituting a Class B misdemeanor charge.

“Folks taken into custody told us they had to falsify a drug test based, most cases, on their places of employment,” Friendswood Police Chief Bob Wieners said.