Sailors Sent Back To UK After Failing Drug Tests


One or two sailors testing positive for drugs is one thing.  But EIGHTEEN?  During the course of one random drug test sweep?  On a warship whose mission was to combat drug smuggling?  Wow.

Yet another prime example of why randomly testing your employees for drugs and alcohol is a VERY good idea.  The results might surprise you.

Sailors Sent Back To UK After Failing Drug Tests

Eighteen crewmen are to be sent home after testing positive for cocaine on a warship used for combating drugs trade

Press Association – Tuesday September 2, 2008

Eighteen sailors who tested positive for cocaine on a Royal Navy warship were today preparing to fly back to Britain, the Ministry of Defence said.

The disgraced crewmen, caught during routine testing onboard HMS Liverpool in the south Atlantic, were believed to be landing at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, within the next two days.

They could be facing the sack after what was believed to be the biggest drugs bust in the navy’s history.

Paul Porter, a spokesman for the MoD, said: “We’ve always said that we do not tolerate the misuse of drugs in the navy and as a consequence of these individuals testing positive for drugs, they will be returning to the UK as part of ongoing action against them.

“Where necessary, replacement personnel will be joining the ship to ensure it remains capable of doing its job.”

News of the failed tests came after five soldiers from the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery were dismissed for taking cocaine — and eight from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers were found to have traces of cocaine and cannabis in July.

HMS Liverpool is a type 42 destroyer whose duties in the south Atlantic included combating drug smuggling.

The MoD said the test was carried out after the crew had a “run ashore” on a break in Brazil.

A source told The Sun newspaper that the 240 crew members had to be tested “from end to end”.

“It has been incredibly embarrassing for the navy.”