Random Testing Catches Doped-Up Drivers


I love, love, LOVE this idea!  In my opinion, the Australian authorities have a fantastic program on their hands.  Now, I know that many local police stations set up DUI checkpoints during the holidays and do catch quite a few under the influence.  But think of how many more they would catch if they did this intermittently throughout the year?  And how many of those would be YOUR employees?  Even though this is a different concept altogether, one can infer from this story that it is a good idea for employers to randomly test their employees for drugs and alcohol as well as continually screen them for possible criminal activity.  You’ll never know what your employees have been up to if you don’t bother to check!

Random Testing Catches Doped-Up Drivers

16/07/2008 12:00am  Campbelltown-Macarthur Advertiser

IT looked just like a random breath test unit but instead many motorists asked by police to pull over on Therry Road, Campbelltown, earlier this month got their first taste of random drug testing.

“The look on some people’s faces when we said they’d been selected for a random drug test was surprising,”‘ Sergeant Grant Bucknell said.

About 1400 people were pulled over and 348 of them were also tested for drugs.

Sergeant Bucknell, from Macquarie Fields Highway Patrol, said five people returned a positive blood alcohol reading while six returned positive readings for drugs.

“This means that about one in 50 people tested positive to drugs, which makes it a bigger problem than alcohol,” he said.

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