It May Just Pay To Just Say No (Literally)


A new study conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) shows that roughly 75% of the companies polled conduct pre-employment drug tests, urine testing being the most common type of screen performed.  And it’s not just those workers in safety sensitive positions being screened.  The study indicates that 84% of the respondents stated that workers, no matter what the position or job responsibility, are fair game to be tested for drugs and/or alcohol.

With many employers having their pick of the employee litter, we will be seeing background screening and drug testing policies and procedures become much more stringent. 

Looking for a Job? Prepare to be Drug Tested

i4cp Study: Most Companies Drug Test, Especially During Pre-Employment

Seattle, WA, July 28, 2009 –(– If you’re looking to land a job in today’s economy, you’ve got a much better chance if you’re drug free, suggests a new study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). The study found that three-quarters of companies polled have a drug screening policy, and almost all of those with a program say that pre-employment screening is the most common type.

A full 95% of companies that screen employees for drugs do so prior to hire; increasing to 100% in organizations with 10,000 or more workers. Seventy percent test when there is “reasonable suspicion” of drug use, 62% test following an employee accident, and 41% say they do random testing.

Among companies that do pre-employment drug screening, the largest share (47%) require that the test be conducted within four days of the applicant’s acceptance of a position, while 30% say it can be done at any time before the new employee’s start date.