Drug Testing Laboratories Combat Drug Test Cheats


Are you worried about your applicants’ and/or employees’ ability to cheat the drug test?  If you are, you really shouldn’t be.  Drug testing laboratories have measures in place to catch those who think they are smart enough to beat the system.

To Catch A Cheat

Clinical chemists battle products designed to fool workplace drug tests

Melody Voith, Chemical & Engineering News – September 8, 2008

EAGER JOB CANDIDATES who receive an offer of employment might feel as though they have won an Olympic gold medal—especially when they are asked to provide a sample for a drug test. And just like at the Olympics, some test subjects will try to beat the system.

But unlike at the Olympics, where officials test athletes for performance-enhancing substances (C&EN, Aug. 11, page 25), workplace drug tests are performed to identify those whose use of illicit substances may impair their job performance and create liabilities for their employers.

According to Amitava Dasgupta, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Texas Medical School, Houston, many products are on the market that prospective employees can use to dilute, substitute, or adulterate their test samples. In a talk at the annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemists in Washington, D.C., in late July, he advised laboratory chemists to be vigilant in their pursuit of valid test results. “Toxicologists are smarter than drug users,” he said, but they need to know the tricks of the trade.