Don’t mess with your DOT drug and alcohol testing program!


Any company that employs those that operate or work on any type of commercial transportation system (airplanes, semi-tractor trailers, boats, railroads, etc.) are mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to test employees.  Employees whose positions fall under DOT rules and regulations for drugs and alcohol both prior to employment and randomly must be tested. The DOT is VERY specific about how the tests are conducted, the percentages of employees that must be tested for drugs and alcohol on a yearly basis (depending on applicable DOT agency), and how often random selections are made. Failure to properly manage your company’s DOT drug and alcohol testing program can get you into trouble – namely large fines and possible loss of government contracts. The City of Chicago learned this the hard way. If there is ever any question about your DOT drug and alcohol testing program, do not hesitate to consult with your legal department or the Department of Transportation directly to get those questions answered. It may save you some heartache (and money) in the future!

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  • lora

    I agree most defiantly! I speak about drug use at work or home. It is an ongoing problem for many companies to suppress. When it comes down to employment you should be straight forward with them from the start. Especially if your going to be managing machinery! You put many people around you at risk. Employees should be tested for drugs in their system when dealing with machinery. There is no need to dumb mistakes!


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