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As reported last week, the story about employers asking for Facebook passwords has exploded.  I have seen no less than thirty stories on the topic.  Yesterday, I was interviewed by MSNBC on this very topic.  First, the reporter asked me how widespread the problem actually was.  Without hesitation, I let her know that I don’t think its as widespread as the media is reporting.  I have never come across an HR professional that would even consider this practice.  I feel strongly that this is being done by smaller employers that really have no clue what to do or say in a proper interview.  I equated it to employers that still ask how old an applicant is or if they are married!  Secondly, she wanted to know if employers were searching the internet for informtion on employees and candidates. Well, as we reported in our latest background screening survey, they are, many of them.  However, when asked what they are actually looking to find? I was very matter of fact in saying, I don’t even think they know what they are looking for.  Its easy to just Google someone!  When they do it however, I don’t think they realize what they want to find, or what to do with the information once they find it!

In related news, the Senator that has been the most outspoken about the topic is Richard Blumenthal.  Yes, the same Senator Blumenthal that was busted for lying about being in the Vietnam war.  No wonder he has major concerns about background screening!!

You can read the full story below!

Few Hiring Managers are Facebook Snooping
By Eve Tahmincioglu
Facebook came out swinging last week over reports that employers are asking employees and job seekers to turn over their passwords to access individual profiles and their activities on the site.
The company said in a statement it would “take action to protect the privacy and security of our users,” including potentially taking legal action.

Public opinion is clearly with Facebook on this, and many took to social media to condemn such password shakedowns. But it’s time to tone down the hysteria. It turns out, few hiring managers choose to put on their Sherlock Holmes cyber snooping hats.

Yes, it’s disturbing to hear that some hiring managers are asking for Facebook passwords from job candidates. And in this tough economy, saying no to such a request may mean you don’t end up landing the gig because there are still so many people out there looking for work.

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