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    I recently took stock of some background screening lessons we have learned since the economy went south.  Here’s an excerpt from an article just published on employeescreen University.

    So we’ve all nearly made it through the first half of 2009, inarguably one of the worst financial periods in our lifetimes. And while we hope that the worst is finally behind us, we are all still fearful of what is to come. One of the most positive trends I am starting to see is that many of us are now focusing on the future. We are building up our individual departments and organizations to be leaner, smarter and stronger so that we can emerge from this whole thing in a position to thrive. We don’t seem to be as paralyzed by the fear described above and instead are using this fear to motivate us to push through. GreenlightJobs president and CEO Lisa Kaye recently wrote an insightful blog post on how we can and should use the fear and uncertainty we feel for motivation to fuel us.

    The purpose of this essay is to examine how the state of our economy has affected the use and implementation of employment background checks. We will also discuss how it has driven some interesting trends and what it means for the future.

    We’ll start with the obvious. Today, there are more people competing for fewer jobs. While hiring managers have the proverbial “pick of the litter”, they are being flooded with resumes. Further, the pressure to hire the right person the first time has never been greater as organizations no longer have the luxury of time or money that they once had to allow someone to develop. Those who are hired are expected to produce more work with fewer resources. This confluence of events means that employment screening and background checks are now more important than ever to organizations.

    The list of trends includes:

    1. Background Checks Aren’t Being Sacrificed
    2. Troubling Statistics Concerning Adverse Information
    3. Hiring Standards Are Tightening
    4. The Need for Speed
    5. Shifting Reliance on Credit Reports
    6. Workplace Violence is on the Rise

    To read the full articles and see a full description of each trend, please click here.

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