Frequently Asked Questions: Employment Verifications


Why does it sometimes take so long to receive information?

Unlike a criminal record search, where we have more control, we are at the mercy of that company’s human resources department. Because many firms do not have employees dedicated to just this process, returning information in a timely fashion often comes down to professional courtesy. At EmployeeScreenIQ, we are an extension of your company and are cautiously persistent. If that company shut us off because we have become an irritant, it limits our ability to give you information to make a hiring decision. It also reflects poorly on your applicant if he or she is looking to leave on good terms. That said, we make every effort to reach the “right” person as quickly as possible, and finish most of our employment verifications within 48 hours.

Why do some companies not provide all the information we’re looking for?

Internal company policy sometimes precludes releasing more information than dates of employment and title held. While we obviously disagree with those companies, we make sure to highlight for you which pieces of information we could not obtain. Sometimes, companies do not keep track of certain things, such as reason for leaving or rehire eligibility.

When I order a criminal check, I do not have to send the release form to you. Why do I need to send it when I order employment verifications?

Because of the sensitive nature of this information, many companies require signed proof that the applicant has given them permission to release this information. Some companies will give out information over the phone without a signed release. Asking you to send it over regardless allows us to have it on file in case it is required and speeds up the completed search.

Why do I need to fax or enter online, my applicant’s employment history?

There is no database out there that knows all company names, phone numbers, addresses, supervisors, salary information, etc. on your candidate. The only way to verify employment information is to compare directly with that company, exactly what your applicant told you.

Why do you want to call my applicant directly?

There are a myriad of situations that can arise during the course of verification. Clarifying extenuating circumstances or receiving additional information directly from the candidate serves two purposes. First, it removes from you the burden of tracking him or her down with our question, getting the answer, calling us back, and starting over again if we have a follow-up question. Second, you have other things to do. We have a team of researchers that handle just employment verifications; giving us permission to contact your applicant directly takes advantage of our expertise and will result in a more comprehensive, timely verification.