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Jason Morris

This is a reprint from our most current edition of The Verifier!

Letter from the President: This is What You Are Up Against –Check Out My “Biography”

Pay Special Attention to the Bolded Text

By Dr. Jason B. Morris, Ph.D.

Hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe have entrusted employeescreenIQ to do their employment screening. We have shared exhaustive industry research, insights, and best practices through over 600 blog postings and hundreds of articles accessible through employeescreen University and our newsletter, The Verifier. However, we have never shared biographies of our company executives. In this article I will dissect one of them, myself, Dr. Jason B. Morris.

After graduating with honors from Cleveland Heights High SchoolI entered the United States Air Force. After spending six months in Kuwait during the first Desert Storm I enrolled at Kent State University in 1991. Still on active duty, I graduated in 1995 with a degree in Criminal Justice, and left the Air Force as a Captain.

Later that year, I began working as a full time private investigator for a Cleveland, Ohio-based PI firm. Having graduated Kent State with Honors, and still working full-time, I began working on a Master’s degree. Quickly moving up the ranks, I was named Executive Vice President of a Private Investigation firm, where I focused my time inventing and implementing proprietary investigation techniques.

In May of 1997, I earned a Master’s degree in Economics from Gordon University. Shortly thereafter, I decided to continue my studies at the Ph.D. level. In May of 2000, after much painstaking effort, I earned a Ph.D. in Criminology, also from Gordon University. My dissertation is still lauded as one of the most insightful and progressive works in the field of Criminology: “Lack of Employment Screening in the US Workplace Will Have Dire Consequences in the next Decade.”

I am a frequent speaker at industry events pertaining to background checks, global screening, recruitment and staffing and I often discuss best practice initiatives as they relate to achieving organizational improvements. I was recently named to the “40 Under 40 List” in Cleveland Crain’s Business for innovation in the workplace. I Co-Chaired the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) organization in 2005-2006 and continue to serve as a board member. employeescreenIQ is a founding member of NAPBS. As Co-Chairman of NAPBS I made frequent presentations to government agencies including members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. These presentations focused on amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and various provisions to forthcoming privacy bills and immigration reform initiatives. I have lobbied on behalf of the screening industry, and have consulted with officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the US Department of Justice. My comments were published on the US Department of Justice website regarding pending legislation on the Federal Register. Active in community and philanthropic causes, I am a current board member of The American Cancer Society Cuyahoga County. In addition, I am a former board member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of Cleveland and Make a Wish Foundation. In 2006 I served as the Revenue Chairman for the March of Dimes.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why I have waxed poetically about myself. Is it because I like to talk about myself? Well yes, but in this case you may have recognized some things you didn’t know about me, or worse, some things you knew were untrue!

Unfortunately, this sort of fraud goes on every day in every organization. And those who perpetrate this fraud were not as kind as I was when I bolded all of the facts that were actually accurate and truthful.

The point is that there are services out there and readily available that can verify or expose as lies all of this information. It’s important to use trained professionals to help you hire with confidence. Even the Masters Degree and Ph.D. that I claimed (which hang not-so-proudly on my wall) were purchased from diploma mills and they are fully verifiable to the novice fact-checker. We did a great study this year on resume falsification and diploma mills. If you have not done so, I suggest you read it. If you are not using a professional background screening firm, you may want to ask yourself, how many “Dr. Jason B. Morris, Ph.D.’s” do you have working for you?

Jason Morris is President and C.O.O. for Cleveland-based employeescreenIQ, a best practices provider of pre-employment screening services throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Jason can be reached at (800) 235-3954 or by email at

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Jason Morris

President & Chief Operating Officer at EmployeeScreenIQ
A veteran screening and risk management professional, Jason Morris founded EmployeeScreenIQ in 1999 and acts as the company’s chief operating officer and president. Morris is a frequent speaker delivering captivating, interactive discussions on background checks, global screening, recruitment and staffing. He educates audiences in best practice initiatives as they relate to organizational employment screening programs. Morris has been quoted in numerous business and industry publications including The Wall Street Journal,, USA Today, New York Times, among others. He is also a licensed private investigator in the states of Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.
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