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Jason Morris

tootThose who know me would say that I am not one to “toot my own horn!”  Those who know me well will say thats a huge lie!  Oh well, yesterday I was quoted in the New York Post regarding a story we blogged about last month.  Employers are looking unfairly at employees that carry a stigma from their previous job.  Last month we called it “Guilty by Association“, now I refer to it as “Job Stigma.”

The New York Post examined it in a great article posted yesterday.


Difficult as it may now be to believe, there once was a time when folks on Wall Street were held in high regard. The high rollers at firms like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and the financial services division of AIG may have been a tad haughty if not outright arrogant, but the lucre they generated evoked similar sums of admiration and envy.

Jason Morris, the president and chief operating officer at employeescreenIQ, a firm that performs background checks on job applicants, has also noticed scarlet letters being passed around, leading him to coin a term for it: “job stigma.”

“We’re hearing a buzz about it” in the HR community, he says. “I don’t think [employers] are doing it intentionally, but they’re carrying that stigma in the back of their minds.”

Morris says he’s heard from folks in the mortgage lending business who’ve been singled out for particular scrutiny. Potential employers are “using buzzwords in interviews that they might’ve heard in the news,” he says. “‘Did you work in subprime?'”

“The people carrying that burden are going to have to shine,” he says.


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Jason Morris

President & Chief Operating Officer at EmployeeScreenIQ
A veteran screening and risk management professional, Jason Morris founded EmployeeScreenIQ in 1999 and acts as the company’s chief operating officer and president. Morris is a frequent speaker delivering captivating, interactive discussions on background checks, global screening, recruitment and staffing. He educates audiences in best practice initiatives as they relate to organizational employment screening programs. Morris has been quoted in numerous business and industry publications including The Wall Street Journal,, USA Today, New York Times, among others. He is also a licensed private investigator in the states of Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.
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