Please see some helpful hints below for conducting employment background checks in Spain.


Scope of Criminal Record Check

Police Service


  • The following documents must be originals and mailed to ESIQ
  • ESIQ International Criminal Order History Form
  • ESIQ Authorization and Release of Information
  • Form 790
    • Section 1: “Identification (1)” should be left empty, researcher will complete it.
    • Section 2: “Self-Assessment (2)” only Part B (except field nr.33) should be filled out by the candidate.
    • Section 3: “Informant (3) must be signed and dated by the applicant.
    • Section 4: “Deposit (4) must be left blank.
    • Certified copy of passport – must be signed and *Notarized* and include passport page with photo and biographical details
    • Provide NIF (Tax number) if available

Turnaround Time

Estimated Turnaround Time: 30 business days

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