Please see some helpful hints below for conducting employment background checks in Australia.


Scope of Criminal Record Check

Australian Federal Police


  • ESIQ International Criminal Order History Form
  • ESIQ Authorization and Release of Information
  • National Police Check Consent Form
  • AFP Application Form with signature (except sections 6 and 7)
  • Please choose the correct purpose code for this check from the list in page 3. Insert the code in Section 1 of page 1. The default code is 30 which means general pre-employment screening. Specific roles may have different codes and this dictates the type of information presented on the certificate. Make sure to choose the correct code for each application.
  • Address history over the last 5 years, in Australia and abroad. If you have left Australia more than 5 years ago, provide also your last address in Australia. Use a separate sheet if more space is needed.
  • Color Copy of a form of Identification document (scanned)
  • Accepted IDs: Passport, national identity card, driver’s license and voter registration cards.
    • NOTE: Passports are required unless the candidate is applying for a position within the country they have citizenship.

Turnaround Time

Estimated Turnaround Time: 15-20 business days

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