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NFL Players Announce Criminal Records

For those of you that don’t know me well, I’m a huge fan of the National Football League.  I’ve had the misfortune of growing up as a Cleveland Browns fan and, well it’s kind of stuck with me.  Put on a game with any two teams and I’m glued to the TV for four hours.

You don’t have to be a football fan to know that the league is facing an unprecedented and well-deserved amount of negative publicity over the criminal transgressions of some of its players; none more ugly than domestic abuse charges against now-former Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice, Carolina Panther Greg Hardy and Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson. [...]

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Ban the box

With over a year of debate and some last minute amendments, the District of Columbia’s Council passed a ban-the-box law that includes its own unique list of considerations before an employer can withdraw an offer of employment based on criminal history.

Council vote was 12-1; only Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) voted against the bill. In an interview, Mendelson said that he supports the “basic thrust” of the legislation but that late amendments were “troublesome,” giving ex-offenders greater rights in the hiring process than other citizens. “This goes way beyond ‘ban the box’ and into telling businesses how to hire,” he said. “How much do we want to regulate how a business wants to hire somebody?” Exactly. [...]

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background checks ride-sharing

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the three big ride-sharing services, Sidecar, Uber and Lyft, have received warning letters from the district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The letters focus on two components of the ride-sharing business: background checks and car-pooling features. The D.A.s claim that the companies’ practices violate California law, and they’re threatening them with civil penalties and injunctions. Ironically, California is the home state for all three companies, and the place where ride sharing first became popular. [...]

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EEOC Policy on Background Checks

Congress is showing signs of life in the constant fight for employers to conduct reasonable background checks. Representative Tim Walberg, R, Mich., chairman of the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, held the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s feet to the fire in a hearing on September 17, 2014. The hearing focused on three recently introduced bills aimed to increase the accountability and transparency of the EEOC and to offer employers limited protections in the use of criminal history. [...]

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BMW Questions EEOC Background Screening Practices

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Or so thinks BMW, who has asked a federal court to compel the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to produce documents relating to any policy, guideline, standard or practice used by the workplace bias watchdog in weighing the criminal conviction records of applicants looking to work for the agency.

The Case

You might recall that EEOC is suing BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC for their use over their use of criminal background checks in hiring which they allege discriminate against minorities. Here’s a quick recap. [...]

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Employment Background Checks in Detroit

As an employer in Detroit, Michigan, you probably already know that running a business in our current job economy means that there is an overabundance of job candidates with few viable hires at times. In addition, you shouldn’t have to worry that one of your trusted employees could put your company at risk. In a city with such high crime statistics such as Detroit, it pays to be thorough with your employment background checks. [...]

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Background Checks

Is Your Company at Risk for a Fall?

Everywhere you turn it seems there’s another compliance hazard threatening your company’s background screening program. So how do you protect your company, employees, and candidates?

Our guide, Protect Your Company from Hidden Compliance Traps with EmployeeScreenIQ, provides a checklist crucial for safeguarding your screening program.

Our guide explains how compliance services:

  • Allow you to make smarter hiring decisions
  • Ensure a more positive candidate experience
  • Help you to align your screening process with the EEOC & FCRA Guidelines

Here’s a glimpse inside our guide:

Background check companies

Download your complimentary copy of the full guide today!

Compliance guide

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Employment Background Checks in New York

Today, to quote Billy Joel, I’m in a New York State of mind.  The Empire State has got it all from my favorite city in the world, New York City, to Buffalo, Rochester and Albany. They’ve got the best pizza in the world, Buffalo Wings, Garbage Plates (see definition at the bottom of this post) and Wegmans (shout out to my friends from Rochester). And while the state has plenty to brag about, one thing is for sure: conducting employment background checks in New York is a huge pain in the backside.

Warning: None of this information should dissuade you of the notion that you have to conduct employment background checks.

Regardless of the hoops you have to jump through, you still have an obligation to protect your employees, your customers and your business.  If that’s not enough, the cost of defending a negligent hiring claim and the average verdict in such cases, let alone the public safety concerns.

No further proof of this responsibility is necessary than a 2012 bus crash in New York which left 15 people dead. While this was just an accident, check out the details NBC-4 in New York uncovered when they investigated the driver.

Williams’ [the driver] criminal record includes the June 2003 arrest for driving with a suspended license. He was also charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and possession of the police scanners. Police records show Williams was also charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors as an adult, including pleading guilty to one charge of manslaughter. Documents show Williams served prison time from 1992 through the time he was paroled in 1994 on the manslaughter charge. He also had past arrests for grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property in 1998 and went back to prison, documents show.  He was released from parole in 2004. Another past arrest was for “intent to obtain transportation without paying” — which records show he pleaded guilty to a violation back in 1987.

I don’t know where this is in the courts now, but I can only imagine what the cost of this settlement is going to be.  So again, you still need to conduct background checks, but we can still always commiserate.

7 Reasons Why Employers Detest Conducting Background Checks in New York


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Hot List of Background Screening Providers

We are proud to announce that EmployeeScreenIQ has been included by Workforce Management Magazine on their Hot List” of Background Screening Providers for the seventh consecutive year. The list recognizes the top background screening companies in our industry.

This distinction validates our “No Shortcuts” approach to employment background checks and our unwavering commitment to compliance, accuracy and best practices. We also would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our valued employees and clients who allow us to raise the bar and set new industry standards each and every day.

EmployeeScreenIQ Makes Hot List of Background Screening Providers

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Jaqueline Berrien is leaving Washington and her post as the Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Insert your own emoticon here. President Obama announced today that she’ll be replaced by Vice Chair, Jenny Yang. Congratulations are in order for Yang, who is the first Asian-American to chair the agency.

Yang was the favorite to replace Berrien when she was appointed Vice Chair in 2014—just one year after her appointment to the Commission. Yang’s term expires July 1, 2017. Yang is known for her work in the non-profit sector as well as her work as a litigator and partner with Washington-based plaintiff law firm Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll P.L.L.C where she represented employees. Her firm Cohen Milstein represented workers in the Wal-Mart Stores Inc. gender discrimination litigation. [...]

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