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If you only knew the truth.

Are your candidates lying to you? Okay, maybe not to your face, but the information candidates provide on their resume may not always be the absolute truth. Whether it’s an unintentional lie, like a minor discrepancy in dates of employment, or a blatant lie like listing that they worked for a company that doesn’t exist— your company can’t afford to hire candidates who inaccurately represent themselves.

Our latest white paper, Are Your Candidates Lying? Resume Verification Best Practices That Could Save Your Company,” will help you discover tried-and-true verification best practices to protect your organization, your customers, and your reputation in the marketplace.

Not only does this article cover why resume verification is vital for every company’s background screening program, but we also reveal best practices, the real reasons candidates feel the need to lie, and infamous stories of resume lies.

Download Our Article to Learn:

  • How liars slip through the cracks — at every level
  • How verifying your candidate’s background is a vital safeguard for your company
  • What motivates candidates to lie
  • Best practices for resume verification

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Win a Kindle Fire HD from EmployeeScreenIQ

With the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference rapidly approaching, you’re likely rushing to wrap up projects in the office, making sure you have everything you need for Orlando, and of course, planning which sessions to attend and vendors to visit. And with that, consider this your informal invitation to meet with EmployeeScreenIQ at booth #2483 next week.

We invite you to meet us at the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando and let our experts assess your pre-employment background screening program. Not only will our experts help you determine if it’s time to reconsider your relationship with your background screening provider, but you can also enter to win a Kindle Fire HD tablet in not just one, but three ways. And did I mention we’re giving a total of 24 Kindles away throughout the conference?

SHRM Annual Conference

If winning a Kindle isn’t enticing enough, consider that each of our experts has decades of experience providing employee background checks and has worked with numerous clients in all sorts of industries.

Short on time? Skip the line to meet with our experts by pre-scheduling an appointment. Whether you want to meet face-to-face for five, ten, or thirty minutes, just email us at with at least two dates and times you’re available during the conference and we’ll follow-up to confirm your appointment.

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Compliant Background Checks

How many blog posts have we spent reviewing regulatory legal actions, class action litigation, and general bad publicity caused by employers or their background screening companies for their less than compliant background check practices? In our opinion, way too many.

In addition, lost in much of the negative publicity is the fact that an overwhelming majority of employers like you (and accredited background screening companies like us) are doing things right when it comes to employee background checks.

You want to make sure that you operate compliant background screening programs and that your candidates’ rights are kept at the forefront to maintain the best possible candidate experience. After all, these are people that you want to hire. You’ve already invested a significant amount of time and money finding and recruiting top talent, interviewing them, and selling them to your organization—only to have the whole thing blow up in their face over a background check? No doubt, there will be some candidates whose past behavior will raise red flags. But when that happens, it should be based on accurate and reliable information obtained in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and addressing areas such as privacy, non-discrimination, accuracy, etc.

Candidates’ Bill of Rights

That said, we thought it would be helpful to create a “Candidates’ Bill of Rights” for employers to use both as an important checklist and even to share with their job candidates. If you are looking for a great place to start developing a compliant background screening program or want to reinforce your practices, this list is for you. Check it out. [...]

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Resume Verification

Sure, you know resume verification is important, but do you understand why your company might be at risk if you don’t verify the information your candidate provides on their resume?

Our upcoming webinar, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! An Employer’s Guide to Effective Resume Verification”, will give you more than one or two convincing reasons why you should add this crucial pre-employment screening service.

As a nudge to register for our webinar, here are five common myths about resume verification. The only trick is—you have to attend our webinar to find out the truth about these myths.

1. “Nobody tells you anything.”

2. “Anyone can help us verify information on a resume.”

3. “Employers aren’t allowed to say anything bad.”

4. “More phone calls lead to better results.”

5. “Talking to references leads to better decisions.”

Intrigued? Sign up for our webinar now and join us Wednesday, June 18th at 2:00PM Eastern for compelling reasons employers should use resume verifications, best practices for busting resume lies, stories of infamous resume fraud, and of course—the truths to these five myths.

Resume Lies



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Background Check Consent

If you’ve been paying attention to our blog for the last couple years, you’ll know that we’ve spent a considerable amount of time discussing the flurry of class action lawsuits brought against employers for failure to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). And by no means are these cases for the feint of heart. Typically, we’ve seen settlements range from several hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions.

Well, apparently not everyone has gotten the memo, so if you are concerned about maintaining compliant background check practices, you’ll want to read on.

Last week, a New Jersey federal court approved an $870,000 class settlement against a trucking company who didn’t think they needed to obtain consent from their job candidates to conduct an employment background check. Not only didn’t they have consent, but clearly accuracy wasn’t important either; [...]

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Resume Lies

Is that resume in your hand the real deal? Or is it peppered with white lies – or even more serious inaccuracies such as falsified academic credentials or a fabricated work history?

To ensure your Mr. or Ms. Perfect isn’t really a Pinocchio in disguise, tune in on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 2:00 PM Eastern to “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: An Employer’s Guide to Effective Resume Verification,” a complimentary webinar from EmployeeScreenIQ.

Our lie-busting panel of experts includes our own Nick Fishman and Jason Morris along with special guests, Craig Caddell, vice president of Reference Pro and Karen Jones, CPP, senior analyst with Wegman’s.

Resume Lies

In our one hour session, you’ll learn:

  • How liars slip through the cracks—even at the highest levels
  • Why it’s absolutely critical to confirm candidate qualifications
  • The right way to verify information from resumes and references
  • The most notorious diploma mills and why they continue to flourish
  • If and how to confront a candidate who has lied

Our Panelists:


Jason Morris, President & Chief Operating Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ


Nick Fishman, Executive VP, Chief Marketing Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ

Karen Jones

Karen Jones, CPP, Senior Analyst, Wegman’s


Craig Caddell, Vice President, ReferencePro


Resume Lies

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Nearly 600 human resources professionals opened up to EmployeeScreenIQ about how they use employment background checks to make hiring decisions and their candid feedback is detailed in our just-released, fifth annual survey of U.S. based employers. The new report looks at how companies manage the process of employment screening, their practices concerning Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) guidance, candidates’ self-disclosure of criminal records and how they address adverse findings.

In the past few years, the EmployeeScreenIQ Trends Survey has become a benchmark many employers use to evaluate their background screening policies and practices. This year’s survey provides a unique cross-section of opinions and insights from an assortment of organizations and is a must-read for HR professionals that want to learn about what their industry peers are doing.

Today, we’d like to analyze how employers are adapting to the 2012 EEOC guidance on employers’ use of criminal background checks. [...]

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Drug Testing, Employment Background Checks

Earlier this week, I read an interesting study on employers’ use of substance abuse tests as a hiring tool and how they impact minorities. According to the study conducted by Notre Dame labor economist, Abigail Wozniak, in states where testing is prevalent due to supportive laws, black employment increased between 7% and 30%, and wages for black workers increased by between 1.4% and 13%. Bluntly, this means that fewer minorities, in this case African-Americans failed drug tests and as a result were hired at an increased rate than if they hadn’t been tested. [...]

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SHRM at the Orange County Convention Center


Will you be at the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida?

The SHRM 2014 Annual Conference is drawing close, once again. In just over a month, you can visit EmployeeScreenIQ at Booth #2483 at SHRM, Sunday, June 22nd through Tuesday the 24th. Let our experts assess your employment background screening program and be entered to win 1 of 25 Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Meet Our Experts

Sure, things are okay (sort of) with your current background screening provider, but maybe you could do better. EmployeeScreenIQ invites you to meet us at the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando and let our experts assess your background screening program.

Each of our experts has decades of experience in the employment background screening marketplace and has worked with numerous clients in all sorts of industries. Be sure to email us at with at least two dates and times you’re available during the conference to meet with our experts and we’ll follow-up to confirm your appointment.

And when you stop by our booth, you will be entered to win 1 of 25 Kindle Fire HD tablets–well worth a few moments of your time.



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Background Checks in Education

Nearly every week another news story pops up related to background checks in schools—particularly related to the need for improvement. While background checks in the education industry are standardized by state, the question is not whether or not background checks are in place, but rather how comprehensive they are.

Although each state has its own requirements for school background checks, there’s a false sense of security that comes with them. Many states require academic institutions—from preschools to universities (both public and private)—to only conduct a statewide or fingerprint background check. Because of this, many schools are making hiring decisions based on less-than-accurate results. [...]

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