Why I love HRevolution and Background Screening


I love HR. Despite the fact that sometimes HR gets a bad reputation of being the police and hand-holders in the organization, we can make a huge positive impact. There are a number of possibilities and ways that this can happen in every aspect of your HR program. However, it will require that those in HR move out of the policeman uniform and into a business suit. We have to stop being concerned with what people can’t do and focus on what we can do to help our organization move forward.

Moving forward requires a focus on talent and a questioning of the status quo. Real organizational  impact can happen when we ask some of the following questions:

  • In what ways can we recruit, develop, and retain the individuals we need to achieve the targets? (Oh and yes, you need to know the targets and priorities of the organization.)
  • What do we need to do better?
  • What do we need to do differently than what we are doing right now?

Just the thought of these questions may seem overwhelming, especially if you feel you need to make many changes. However, it doesn’t have to be. In a session at HRevolution in Las Vegas last week, Joe Gerstand and Jason Lauritsen presented a session on hacking HR. In order to understand this, you must first understand what hacking is and what it isn’t. Hacking according to the Talent Anarchy team is not an overhaul of your entire talent management program or your entire talent acquisition program. It is, however, looking at the program and determining what small changes can be made with a strong positive impact. This process, according to Lauritsen is about constantly moving forward and making improvements.

It’s really quite simple and that is what I love about HRevolution. This unconference is full of HR professionals looking to collaborate and challenge each other to make it better. These professionals are about moving HR forward and constantly asking how to be better. In my opinion, spending time with people who have this type of passion is the strongest way to maintain you own passion in the pursuit to improve.

In the theme of this constant inquiry and passion, EmployeeScreenIQ is continually hacking the background screening process for its clients by their flexible and no shortcuts approach to screening. There is a culture and a commitment to ensure that every aspect of our work enables clients to achieve their talent acquisition goals.  I let the experts guide me in that area, so I practice hacking in other places. Let the experts at EmployeeScreenIQ do the same for you.

If you haven’t heard of HRevolution, look it up. It will be well worth your time. And if you are not using EmployeeScreenIQ, call us. It will also be well worth your time.

Keep Hacking.