Employment Screening 101: Substance Abuse Testing-Part 13

Jason Morris

In 1999 when we founded employeescreenIQ our focus was on retail employment screening. We quickly found out that while doing comprehensive employment background investigations, substance abuse testing became very important. At the core of any inclusive background screening program is a candidate’s complete history and a drug test.

Why should our organization conduct substance abuse screening?

  • About 75% of current illicit drug users 18 and older are employed… that’s more than 10 million US workers.(1)
  • A recent US Labor study reveals that US businesses lose $74 to $200 billion annually to problems related to employee substance abuse.(2)
  • 15.9 million Americans aged 12 or older admit to current (in the last 30 days) illicit drug use.(3)
  • 36 million Americans aged 12 and older admit to abusing prescription drugs in their lifetime.(3)
  • On a daily basis, at least 42,000 Americans are coming to work stoned or are getting “high” while on the job.(1)
  • Workforce drug use contributes to increased workplace turnover, absenteeism, accidents and diminished productivity.(1)

1 William F. Current Drug Testing: How Both Employer and Employees Benefit Seton Alerts for Safety February 2003 Edition

2 William F. Current In Favor of a Drug-Free Workplace: Why Drug Testing? 1999

3 (NHSDA) 2001 Household Survey on Drug Abuse

Drug testing will become a hot topic in the news in the coming months as we approach the summer Olympics and as the Major League Baseball season progresses. Obviously substance abuse testing has been in the news a lot in the past six months especially with the Roger Clemens story and various congressional hearings. Recently, the Olympics have revealed their new drug testing system.

Some states including Ohio and Florida offer discounts on Workers Compensation insurance for companies who create Drug Free Workplace programs. Incorporating a Substance Abuse Screening Program into your hiring process has never been so easy. employeescreenIQ offers Urine, Hair and Saliva testing at over 8000 Patient Service Centers across the United States. Screens can be used for pre-employment, random and post-accident programs. All results are reviewed by a board-certified Medical Review Officer (MRO), and handled in full compliance with federal DOT regulations and guidelines. Negative results are posted in 1-2 days.

Look for more information in the coming months about substance abuse testing on employeescreen University.

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