Employment Screening 101: Global Screening-Part 15

Jason Morris

As you know employeescreenIQ has always been on the forefront of our industry, setting trends and raising the bar in all areas of employment screening. Each year we come out with the “Top Background Screening Trends to Track” for that particular year. For the past few years a common theme has been Global Screening AKA International Screening, International Background Checks Etc.

While not a new facet of the industry, international background screening continues to gain in importance as U.S. companies open offices globally and/or recruit overseas candidates to work in the U.S.

I am not one to use clichés but one could say that we “Wrote the book on International Screening!” Last year we were asked by a major publisher to write a chapter for an upcoming book on Background Screening and Investigations. This book was just published and co-authored by myself and Nick Fishman.

Shameless plug – Book available at Amazon.com – Background Screening and Investigations – Barry Nixon and Kim Kerr.

Today, we are at an interesting crossroads for both U.S. and international screening. The advent of the internet has made access to and mobility of information easier than ever worldwide. This has resulted in great efficiencies, as well as unintended side effects, such as privacy violations and identity theft. In the U.S., these side effects have been addressed through federal and state legislation requiring a permissible use for the information and strict guidelines regarding information handling and ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Internationally, there are few standards in employment screening processes. From one country to the next, records maintenance capabilities, procedures, and rules for access vary widely. To begin with, the ability to access information in various countries is dependent on compliance with global information exchange rules for ensuring data security across international borders. One such compliance framework is the European Union’s Directive on Data Protection, which prevents the transfer of personal data to non-EU nations that do not meet the European “adequacy” standard for privacy protection. A select few U.S. companies, including employeescreenIQ, are Safe Harbor certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce to meet the requirements for international data exchange and privacy protection. (employeescreenIQ has been Safe Harbor Certified since 2004)

Companies must protect themselves from employees both foreign and domestic. Recently, A worker at HSBC’s Bangalore call centre has been arrested after being allegedly caught supplying personal details to fraudsters who went on to steal £230,000 from 16 of the bank’s UK customers. It not only happens oversees, we see it here in North America as well. A longtime Canada Post employee is accused of stealing hundreds of pieces of mail containing gift cards, cheques, CDs and DVDs over an eight-month period.

employeescreenIQ’s Global Screening Services are an important tool in an increasingly global business environment. As with our domestic services, you can trust employeescreenIQ to stay on top of the latest developments worldwide in accessing reliable, timely, and compliant information to increase the value of your hiring decisions.

For more information regarding international background checks and the valuable service employeescreenIQ provides, please visit us at www.employeescreen.com/global.

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Jason Morris

President & Chief Operating Officer at EmployeeScreenIQ
A veteran screening and risk management professional, Jason Morris founded EmployeeScreenIQ in 1999 and acts as the company’s chief operating officer and president. Morris is a frequent speaker delivering captivating, interactive discussions on background checks, global screening, recruitment and staffing. He educates audiences in best practice initiatives as they relate to organizational employment screening programs. Morris has been quoted in numerous business and industry publications including The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC.com, USA Today, New York Times, among others. He is also a licensed private investigator in the states of Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.
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