Where We Lead, Others Follow (Even Our Competitors)

Nick Fishman

We pay a lot of attention to our audience both on our blog and other social media sites because we want to know what you like to read about and what gets the most attention.  In doing so, we’ve noticed an interesting trend on our blog analytics over the last year.  Our competitors, yes, other background screening companies are among the top readers of our content.  Why? Because we know our stuff and and aren’t afraid to share our opinions and observations.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well if that’s the case, our cup runneth over. Not only are our competitors reading our material, but we continue to find evidence that they too are adopting some of the same messaging and tactics.  In nearly all cases, we view this as positive.  First, it validates just how effective our efforts have been and second, it is somewhat flattering to know that they are coming to us for our thoughts and ideas.

Around 2004, we started to blog about our observations, experiences and reactions to a myriad topics related to employment background checks.  We thought that it would be fun to educate the marketplace while conveying our individual as well as our corporate personalities.  We also felt that if we were willing to take the time to educate, inform, interact and become a thought leader, we didn’t have to be the stereotypical sales organization.  Today, we marvel at the reception we continue to receive from clients, prospects and other HR service providers.

So, if you are a regular at the EmployeeScreenIQ lounge, you too should feel validated.  You are spending your time in the right place for all things pre-employment background screening.  If you aren’t a regular, that’s just one more reason why you should be.

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P.S. I can’t wait to see the analytics on this one!


Nick Fishman
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Nick Fishman

Nick Fishman is the co-founder of EmployeeScreenIQ, a leading, global employment background screening provider, and serves as the company’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. He pioneered the creation of EmployeeScreen University, the #1 educational resource on employment background checks for human resources, security and risk management professionals. A recognized industry expert, Nick is a frequent author, presenter and contributor to the news media. Nick is also a licensed private investigator in the states of Ohio and Texas.
Nick Fishman
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  • Nick,

    I really enjoy reading your stuff. It takes a village…


  • Kirk Mason


    Yes, I’m one of those people you’re talking about! It’s been way too long since we’ve spoken. Let’s catch up with each other in the coming week.
    Besides, I’m also curious to see the analytics on this blog!

    Kirk Mason
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