Breaking Background Screening News: Kroll to be sold

Jason Morris

This topic created a big buzz at last months NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) Conference.  It was rumored that Marsh & MacLennon could not fit the Kroll group into its portfolio of companies.  This latest moves solidifies this rumor. It appears that the core “employment screening” aspect of Kroll will remain with Marsh, but other areas will be sold off.

Marsh & MacLennon CEO: Will Sell Parts of Kroll Unit

Weeks after reportedly rebuffing a bid for its Kroll unit, Marsh & MacLennan Cos. (MMC) said it will sell parts of the business.

Insurance broker Marsh & MacLennan bought corporate security and investigations firm Kroll in 2004, but never successfully integrated it into the larger business, said Brian Duperreault, Marsh & MacLennan’s chief executive during the company’s first-quarter earnings call Wednesday.

During the quarter, the company undertook a restructuring of Kroll, to separate the businesses it expects to keep from those it will seek to sell.

Duperreault said that he considers Kroll’s employment-screening, business- intelligence and investigations operations “core Kroll,” and intends to incorporate those more closely into Marsh and MacLennan.

Kroll’s corporate restructuring group should also perform well in the current economic downturn, Duperreault said.


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Jason Morris

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  • You have a vested interest in getting the bill to block backgrounds on felons after a certain amount of time because employers won’t need your services. What about the felons who did their time and are trying to get a second chance at life, having learned their lesson and just want a chance to take care of themselves and their families. You are giving them a lifes sentence rather then telling them to just spend x amount of time in prision. My husband was a drug user and ended up in prison for 7 years. He’s been out 5 and can’t find employment. He’s been clean for 13 years, he’s a hard worker, good man now that he’s clean but can’t even get his foot in the door because of your damn background checks. It isn’t fair and I think someone needs to stop you!

  • Indifferent UK Resident

    I don’t see your problem. Just emigrate to the UK and get a job working at one of our airports or indeed any goverment post. Those monkeys couldn’t bankground screen Adolf Hitler.

  • I am commenting on my own blog posting. I wanted to ensure that everyone got the point of this article. Kroll’s background screening division IS staying with Marsh, there are no changes to that operation according to CNN and other news outlets.