ASIS Webinar-Social Network Sites: Can You Always Trust What You See?

Jason Morris


Social Network Sites: Can You Always Trust What You See?

October 21, 2009 @ noon Eastern U.S.

About the program:

In order for hiring professionals to utilize technologically advanced screening methods to make the hiring process more efficient and timely, these technologies must be used appropriately.

Just a few of the questions that hiring professionals should consider:

  • Should companies and their screening partners be using social networking profiles to determine hiring decisions?
  • How is new technology helping organizations integrate their hiring procedures with their background screening practices?
  • Is a national database search an accurate, stand-alone method of background screening?
  • Are adjudication modules a reliable tool to use when performing a background check?
  • How can one determine the authenticity of an online degree?

No two ways about it, technology is impacting employment screening and other elements associated with the hiring process—making staying informed about the practice nonnegotiable.

Presented by:

Jason B. Morris, president & COO of employeescreenIQ, is a licensed private investigator in Ohio, New Jersey, and Nevada. His responsibilities include refining EmployeeScreenIQ’s position as a global employment screening industry leader in best practices and FCRA compliance and to continue to provide its diverse clientele with the support they need to reach their recruitment, retention, safety, and financial goals. Morris also serves as an expert witness in the areas of background checks, employment screening, and the FCRA.

Length of program:

100 minutes


Fees are per site, not per person, so an unlimited number of coworkers, friends, or chapter members can participate. Registered participants may replay the program twice within 30 days of the live event with on-demand replay.

$99 ASIS Members
$129 Nonmembers
$79 Pre-approved ASIS chapters (email for details)

Please note: Registration entitles a site to one connection for both audio and Web. Sharing registration information with another location will result in an additional registration fee.


Noon Eastern U.S.

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Jason Morris

President & Chief Operating Officer at EmployeeScreenIQ
A veteran screening and risk management professional, Jason Morris founded EmployeeScreenIQ in 1999 and acts as the company’s chief operating officer and president. Morris is a frequent speaker delivering captivating, interactive discussions on background checks, global screening, recruitment and staffing. He educates audiences in best practice initiatives as they relate to organizational employment screening programs. Morris has been quoted in numerous business and industry publications including The Wall Street Journal,, USA Today, New York Times, among others. He is also a licensed private investigator in the states of Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.
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