Top-10 Employee Screening Trends Cited (National P&C Underwriter 12/2008)


Proper background checks boost worker quality and help head off liability suits

Since the events that shocked our country on Sept. 11, 2001, the employment screening industry has experienced immense growth. Indeed, post-9/11, screening an applicant’s background went from being an option in the hiring process to a necessity—a measure to ensure the safety of a company’s workers, vendors and customers.

This precaution also protects an organization against legal action that could arise from an incident involving an unscreened employee.

Like any maturing industry, the employment screening market has experienced a variety of ebbs and flows that have helped shape the processes and procedures of its service organizations.

Moving forward to 2009, the industry is readying itself to evaluate and address an array of trends, ranging from economy-driven issues to screening via social networks to accurately completing in-depth international assignments.

The following is a list of 10 trends that hiring, risk management and security professionals need to be aware of during the year ahead.

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