6/5/2010 High IQ: How EmployeeScreenIQ integrates customer service into the company culture


June 2010- SmartBuisness Magazine

EmployeeScreenIQ makes customer service a company matter.

It might sound simple, but wrapped up in that short phrase is a companywide philosophy.

Great customer service is a part of the culture at EmployeeScreenIQ, where Jason Morris heads the day-to-day operations as president and chief operating officer. Associates are empowered to handle all aspects of the clients’ needs. It’s part of a 360-degree approach to customer service that extends well beyond the client relations department.

Associates at EmployeeScreenIQ form client relationships that are as close to a personal level as is allowable and appropriate, while still maintaining a professional rapport. Company representatives are on hand and available during all operating hours and can be reached multiple ways at the convenience of the customer, whether it be by phone or e-mail. It’s that approach to customer relationships that helps EmployeeScreenIQ’s clients maintain confidence in the company that when they are in need of assistance, their concern or issue will be a top priority.

EmployeeScreenIQ also goes the extra mile in educating clients on the processes and policies of the company. Representatives make an effort to visit clients on a regular basis and conduct seminars with staff members. One-on-one Web site demonstrations are also offered to ensure that the client’s staff is familiar with the company processes. The Web site demonstrations are offered as both a refresher for an existing client and a tool for a new client.

EmployeeScreenIQ’s management team utilizes customer service technology in other ways. The company prepares and maintains Internet blogs and podcasts for a portion of the company’s Web site, called EmployeeScreen University, which is dedicated to the education of the company’s clients on the employee screening industry. The information is available to all of EmployeeScreenIQ’s clients at all times, free of charge.

How to reach: EmployeeScreenIQ, (216) 514-2800 or www.employeescreen.com

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