Learning To Smile At Rejection Letters (Hartford Courant 10/3/2008)


DEAR JOYCE: A friend claimed on his resume that he had a graduate degree (from a diploma mill), but he was hired. If I do that, what are my chances of being found out and fired? — F.R.

DEAR F.R.: A good background-checking company will nail you going in the door. If you do make it inside, you might survive if you’re adding or saving money for a company, but don’t count on it. No one likes being lied to.

Diploma mills — usually an Internet scam offering worthless credentials for a price — are due for a cyclical explosion if the job market tanks. Two resources:

Visit the Federal Trade Commission, www.ftc.gov, and search for “Avoid Fake-Degree Burns by Researching Academic Credentials.”

Download a free list of diploma mills compiled by EmployeeScreenIQ, a Cleveland-based employment screening company. Find it at www.employeescreen.com/university.

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