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    As you all know from reading our various articles on EmployeeScreen University, the State Government is critical to employment screening.  For starters, it must be operational to conduct any type of accurate background check in that jurisdiction.  For example, if a county court house is closed, one can’t enter said courthouse to pull records.  Well this week is no exception, due to budget negotiations, the Minnesota state government has hit a standstill and shut down operations.  Businesses can’t hire new employees because they can’t screen people properly.

    Shutdown Creates Block on Background Checks

    Some health care providers are struggling to do their jobs during the government shutdown.

    State computer systems that let health care providers check the backgrounds of new hires have been shut down, so there’s no new way to bring on staff members.

    The company can’t hire the caregivers needed, so they have to use existing staff to fill needs.

    Home health care providers say they’re expected to take new clients during shutdown but are under state rules to not accept clients unless they have the staff to provide that care.


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