EmployeeScreenIQ Frequently Asked Questions


What is a background check?

A background check, also known as a “consumer report,” is a tool many employers use to learn more about potential employees during the hiring process.

A typical background check includes a social security number trace and a criminal record search. Most often, these record searches are conducted using aggregate Internet databases that are often undependable.

Because as much as 56 percent of resumes include at least one discrepancy, many human resources professionals are spending more time checking references. In fact, more than 50 percent contract out part of the background-screening process.

What makes an EmployeeScreen IQ background search different?

EmployeeScreenIQ understands the importance of human intelligence in the research process.

Unlike many background-screening services available on the Internet, EmployeeScreenIQ does not rely on aggregate databases that are often undependable. Instead, the company utilizes a nationwide network of more than 3,500 court researchers who conduct in-person research directly at each county courthouse where a prospective employee has resided – a practice endorsed as the most effective method of obtaining such information.

Why are such thorough searches important?

The key is risk management.

Employee theft accounts for about $15 billion in losses each year – nearly $5 billion more than shoplifting, according to the annual National Retail Security Survey. In 2004, it was reported that each week, one employee is killed and 25 are injured throughout the country by current or former co-workers.

By screening job applicants thoroughly, companies can save money, keep good employees working and provide better service to customers.

What industries need these thorough background searches?

Thorough searches help companies manage risks. That’s why BusinessWeek suggested that certain industries – especially those with laws prohibiting felons from being employees and those that often deal with the public – would most benefit from ongoing employee screening:

  • Health care
  • Child care
  • Elder care
  • Financial services
  • Delivery services
  • In-home contractors

However, nearly every company benefits from comprehensive background screening.

What does EmployeeScreenIQ do?

The company offers a variety of employment-screening services to mid- and large-sized companies with clients around the world, including in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Accessed via its Web site, www.EmployeeScreen.com, EmployeeScreenIQ provides clients with customized consumer reports that may include countywide criminal record searches; social security number traces; federal criminal record searches; motor vehicle records; substance-abuse screening; sexual offender registry searches; civil court record searches; pre-employment credit reports; employment verifications; education verifications; professional license verifications; workers compensation claims searches; statewide criminal record searches; national criminal record database searches; reference/supervisor interviews; Homeland Security searches; and I-9 employment eligibility verification.

Why choose EmployeeScreenIQ?

EmployeeScreenIQ is dedicated to providing unsurpassed service to clients with its dedicated account teams. The company also offers unparalleled accuracy and oversight, focused on providing reports that are completed accurately and promptly. The company also focuses on strict legal compliance. The company is Safe Harbor-certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce, allowing it to transmit private information across international borders in compliance with European Union and Global Information Exchange regulations.

Who started the company?

Jason Morris and Les and Nick Fishman established Cleveland, Ohio-based EmployeeScreenIQ, then named Background Information Services, Inc. in 1999. The company changed its name in 2007.

How long does the screening process take to complete?

The average turnaround time is less than three working days for domestic background checks, although delivery time can vary depending on the project.

What are the costs?

The costs vary, depending on the unique needs of each customer. There are no monthly fees and the company does not require a binding service contract. EmployeeScreenIQ also offers volume discounts.

How does EmployeeScreenIQ ensure its searches are accurate?

By sending court researchers directly to the county courts rather than relying on undependable aggregate databases, the company is able to create reports that have more information and are more accurate than standard Internet background-screening services.

To ensure accuracy, EmployeeScreenIQ has multiple levels of oversight.

Is EmployeeScreenIQ affected by any governmental rules or regulations?

Compliance is a major factor in any background-screening process. The practice of pre-employment screening is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). EmployeeScreenIQ constantly monitors changes to federal regulations and state preemptions as applicable.

Is EmployeeScreenIQ making waves in the global marketplace?

The company is Safe Harbor-certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce, allowing it to transmit private information across international borders in compliance with European Union and Global Information Exchange regulations. Currently, the company is able to conduct criminal record searches in 175 countries and provide verification services for employment and education in over 200 countries throughout the world. EmployeeScreenIQ offers international clientele a Homeland Security Check which cross-references applicants against known Terrorists and Fugitive databases.

Where is the company headed in the future?

EmployeeScreenIQ is committed to pioneering and embracing new technologies that will benefit its clients.