UPDATE: Proposed Legislation May Require Background Checks For PIAA


Last week, I blogged about how the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletics Association (PIAA) does not conduct background checks on those officiating school sporting events (see Pittsburgh Newspaper Reports Sports Officials Have Criminal Records).  Since that blog, I’ve seen numerous follow up stories regarding this issue, the majority disagreeing with PIAA officials that their current process of not conducting background checks is acceptable.  Well, it appears that PIAA may not have a choice in the future of whether to screen those they hire to work directly with children.

State Rep. Pushes For Background Checks For PIAA Officials

WPXI.com – September 23, 2008

CANONSBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania State Rep. Tim Solobay is pushing for a new law to protect high school athletes from child predators.

Under Solobay’s legislation, all Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Athletic Association officials who have direct contact with children will have to undergo a background check.

A recent report showed several PIAA officials had criminal histories including child abuse, sexual battery and child pornography.

Let’s just hope Pennsylvania does their homework on what constitutes a thorough background check.  Otherwise, this may not be the last we hear on this issue.